Welton Transport Limited was founded in 1970 by M.B. Bean in the small village of Brough East Yorkshire (UK). The company is named after a village near Brough. At first M.B. Bean was looking for an European agent to take care of goods that needed to be moved from the continent into the United Kingdom.

He advertised for candidates through the sports section of the dutch newspaper “Algemeen Dagblad”. Ben Kleij responded to this advertisement and joined the company on the 1 st of February 1972.

In 1974 M. B. Bean sold his shares to John Good Shipping located in Hull. In the meantime John Good, Ben Kleij and Michael Bean also founded Welton North Sea Trailers Limited. This company was included in the sale and this resulted in the imalgamation of the two companies Welton North Sea Trailers Limited Hull and Welton North Sea Trailers B.V.,
Europoort (RT.).

After a long and successful relationship between the two companies of 35 years Ben Raijmond Kleij took over the shares owned by John Good in 2008. In 2019 Raijmond bought the shares his dad owned and became owner of the company Welton North Sea Trailers B.V.